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Hand Painted Pottery - Dino Egg

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Hand Painted - One of a Kind - Functional Art

"Plants like to get dressed up, too".

Imagine popping a stunning Raven ZZ in this pot, or a string of hearts. This gorgeous metallic pottery has been hand painted with alcohol ink and acrylic - creating sweeping movement and colourscapes. Inlaid with brown granite mica (a naturally occurring stone) to catch your eye. 

Have fun designing your entire coffee table around this stunning ceramic piece.

Alternatively, and if you don't have a green thumb yet, a little bouquet of dried flowers will make this piece sing! Visualize silver dollar, feather grass and baby's breath.

DIMENSIONS - 4.5" wide x 5" high


As with all hand painted pottery, UV rays hitting the pot for prolonged periods will result in colour fade. Place pot out of direct sun to ensure longevity. This piece is not dishwasher safe. If needing to clean, do so gently with a little water on a soft cloth.