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Eden Silk

$140.00 CAD

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Hand Painted - One of a Kind - Wearable Art

The Goddess Collection: Eden

This silk scarf measures 29” x 29”. It's made of high quality 8mm silk habotai which is a soft, supple silk with a lustrous sheen. It has a clean finish with a hand-rolled hem that is stitched with silk thread.

Eden has been embellished with petite glass beads in each corner.

As a multi-use piece it can be worn many ways: as scarf in bandana or ascot form, in your hair as a retro head wrap or around a ponytail, tied onto your bag as that extra oomph, or as a bow on the side of your pants.

These hand painted silks are the perfect way to exalt yourself. Whether elevating an every day look. Or that touch of femininity and flow. Each piece holds a beautiful contrast of strength and softness at once.


Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. These inks are sensitive to UV rays and might fade. Wash on rare occasions if needed. Hand wash with cold water in the sink. Use  very minimal gentle detergent. Lay flat on a towel to dry. Or, use small clothes pins to gently hang for air dry. If needed, hot press with an iron on a low setting using no steam. Please know that contact with Isopropyl Alcohol reactivates the dye. It's advised to completely avoid while wearing. As with any garment, slight fading may occur over the years. Avoid repeated washing to keep colours intact for longer.