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MIDNIGHT IN THE TROPICS  x  Summer 2022 Mini Series

Imagine shrinking down to discover a world unimaginable detail on the rainforest floor. Let yourself become mesmerized with life illuminated in the dark. Bioluminescence. Blinking, flaming, and shimmering. Organisms that become otherworldly as they spring the night into living light. A breathing carnival, if you dare.

Here you discover a beautiful fungus known colloquially as "foxfire", making wood glow as it devours it, bit by bit. Their blueish-green light ripples out with electric pulses. Feel into that wonder and awe. Contemplate this...

If their bioluminescence could be magically transferred, what light is summoned from within you? What range of colours would you emit? Visualize the quality of your luminescent blueprint.


MEDIUM - Ink & mixed media on YUPO paper

ARTIST'S STYLE - Breaking Light

This piece is protected with varnish. When you retrieve your artwork, I will provide clear instructions on how to properly care for it.

Alcohol ink artwork is sensitive to direct sunlight. I encourage UV glass for protection. Keeping away from direct rays is a must – ambient sunlight is perfect.

This piece is ready to placed in a frame of your choosing. I envision a clean white frame with an oversized white mat board, though framing is a highly person choice. I am here to support you with any questions that may come up in your presentation process.