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Iris II

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Stunning ruptures of purple, crimson and gold amidst an earthy landscape. Iris captures the wild blooming x sensuous beauty of the namesake flower. Tantalizing textures brush up against wispy petal impressions. Feels fleeting. Beckons you closer to sink into the details and relish in this now moment because, babe, it's all we have.

Hits and pops of brown granite iridescence, adorning. Adorned. Adored. A door. To another realm. Where Iris' grow like sky scrapers. Piercing through the clouds to kiss and replenish the ozone. 

DIMENSIONS - 16" diameter

MEDIUM - Ink & mixed media on YUPO paper

ARTIST'S STYLE - Breaking Light

Stunning 16" diameter alcohol ink and mixed media painting done in artist's Breaking Light style. Mounted to exhibition grade birchwood cradled panel with 1.5” depth. Stunning resin finish gives multidimensional crystal-mirror effect. Stretcher edges are wrapped in white archival linen tape. Ready for hanging installation with d-rings and picture wire installed.