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Moon River

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This painting is visual poetry about moonlight. Imagining the moon's reflection on a slow moving river. The impossibly beautiful, bittersweet and ever unknowable mysteries that stir in the midnight hour. Outlines of the shadow realm,  painted by Mother Moon. A world inverted. What hides in the night. What comes to life. The resin finish on this work creates a crystal effect that emulates the glistening surface of water.

DIMENSIONS - 10x10" (each, sold together)

MEDIUM - Ink & mixed media, YUPO paper, wood, resin

ARTIST'S STYLE - Celestine

This monochrome painting is mounted to an exhibition grade birchwood cradled panel with 1” depth and finished with resin. Edges are exposed wood. Ready for hanging installation with d-rings and picture wire installed.

This type of art is sensitive to UV rays and direct sunlight. I highly suggest avoiding hanging this work where it will be hit with sun on a daily basis. Clear instructions for care to ensure longevity will be given.