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This modern abstract painting is inspired in essence by stunning tropical butterflies. Particularly their "ocellus" - or eye spots - which are the intricate eye-like markings adorning their wings. These beautiful shapes fascinate and inspire.

Envision you're freshly emerging from your cocoon, spun high in the dense Amazon rainforest. Stretch your wings open wide. See them for the first time. Imagine what yours might look like, noticing your eye-spots. The colours that are embellished. The shapes of them and the expression imbued. The quality of iridescence they have. What effect would you want your ocellus to have? To seduce. To trick. To mesmerize. Stir in this place of fantasy and self-love.


MEDIUM - Ink & mixed media, YUPO paper, wood

ARTIST'S STYLE - Breaking Light

This cool-toned monochrome artwork is mounted to an exhibition grade birchwood cradled panel with 1.5” depth. Edges are exposed wood. Ready for hanging installation with d-rings and picture wire installed.