There are many possibilities available to you in the experience of commissioning art. It can be a collaborative process or you can provide me free rein; whichever you desire.

Art can be sold free mounted to archival board, ready to pop in a frame. Or take it all the way with a mount to wood cradled panel and finished with resin! Luxurious and modern.

My online form is user friendly and how I gather important information from you before I begin. It allows me to crystallize an understanding of what you'd like me to bring to life with respects to logistics, inspiration and visual elements.

I have a standard sliding scale for quoting based on size. Part of my mission statement is to offer buyers an affordable point of investment. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own beautiful, bespoke art.

I am happy honour payment plans and work together to find a path forward that works both.



For all commission and booking inquiries, please reach out!