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Falling, Too

$80.00 CAD

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Contemporary healing art for the home.

An elegant painting inspired by the mirroring of microscopic and macrocosmic realms. This piece is done in one of my signature styles, Breaking Light. Full of eye-catching detail. Known for it's otherworldly movement, stunning palettes and rich luminosity.

Made in East Vancouver. Born of wild creative magic.

DIMENSIONS - 8" x 8"

MEDIUM - Ink & mixed media on YUPO paper

ARTIST'S STYLE - Breaking Light

1 - This piece is protected with varnish. When you retrieve your artwork, I will provide clear instructions on how to properly care for it.

2 - Alcohol ink artwork is sensitive to direct sunlight. I encourage UV glass for protection. Keeping away from direct rays is a must – ambient sunlight is ok.

3 - This piece is ready to be placed in a frame of your choosing. Visualize it suspended within a white floating frame, or with a larger mat board. I'm here to support you with any questions that may come up in your presentation process.