3 Keys to RISE UP your Artist Heart


Be in unwavering pursuit of what creative pleasure feels like for you. Follow your sacred Yes. Try different styles on for size. Explore other artists techniques. Artists are alchemists, pulling from the seen and unseen and distilling into their own unique expression. Stay aware if you're attaching yourself. Attachments breeds perfectionism breeds rigidity. Stay fluid. Know when things are ready to slip away to make room for new.


… and all those cosmic 2-by-4’s you've got shaken up by. Arts expression has the capacity to hold suffering. Imagination can transform and carry it away. Channel your challenges, grief and heartache into creativity. Reshape your experience through artmagic. Get resilient and resourced AF. Diamonds under pressure. Chaos into innovation. 


Spill forth your gifts into your community. Keep the feedback loop alive! Be willing to share your insight. Be in service of the global collective and rewriting the paradigm that only a select few are artists. This doesn't need to feel like giving away every element of what makes your practice sacred. It could feel like guiding others towards accessing their own expression with what you've learned from navigating your own Yes.

Share this with an artist friend you believe in and want to rise up!

In flowetry,