New alcohol ink and mixed media collection inspired by Mothers. Beautiful alcohol ink art inspired by the moon.


the nature in which one essential point bursts into many

This collection explores The Mother.

A vast tapestry. Threads of individual memories, stories, and emotions.

And the grace that weaves it together.

The archetype of The Mother is an eternal energy.

One that contains timeless virtues of creativity, love, and nurturing.

And yet these enduring simplicities are greeted with much complexity and an incredibly nuanced space in-between;

love  and  loss

strength  and  softness

closeness  and  longing

form  and  formlessness

freedom  and  control

resilience  and withdrawal

My intention with this collection is to a series of abstract art in conversation with this dynamic tapestry. Compositions to hold these themes of shadow and light as they exist interdependently.


Crescendo energy

Exquisite fractal florals

Blooms morphing into feathers

Rose, shell, blush, crepe and quartz

Bold neutrals dipped in a colour shifting current


paintings made in my recognizable Breaking Light and Celestine styles

a small batch of artist greeting cards – perfect for Mother’s Day (May 8th)

a variety investment points with accessibility in mind

ready to hang works on wood cradled panel

a range of sizes all art lovers to enjoy

an elevated touch of luminosity

stunning large-scale paintings

captivating resin finishes

I’ve received many beautiful contributions from my Instagram community, helping me co-create this collection. Memories, stories, words, feelings all evoked by what Mother means to you. It’s been so special to bring them into the work, turning them into titles and inspiration. Thank you for all you’ve shared.

With gratitude,


Sunday, APRIL 10 is the exclusive pre-release for my subscriber list

Monday, APRIL 11 is the official online release