A session is your time to drop deeply into the present. Discover how your creativity is a curious thing - arriving in many forms, traditional & non-traditional. 

A session provides you a safe space to explore your sensory experience. Sensitivity is attuning to your inner and outer world. To your physical senses. To materials. To what’s emerging moment by moment.

A session is an opportunity to discover, activate and deepen your intuition. What will happen when you unhinge from habitual responses and follow your creative gut-instinct?

A session is your training-ground to learn how to love being in the unknown. The creative process, much like our lives, is uniquely non-linear and full of surprises. Unearth the rich landscape of your own possibility. 


Discovery Call     ~     15 min / free

An opportunity to connect. We can chat about what you’re hoping to get from sessions and how the arts and I can support you. Feel into if this is the right fit for you.

1:1 Session    ~    60 minutes / $140

Provided in person. Let's work together in a welcoming & stimulating environment. All materials included.

Extended 1:1    ~    85 minutes / $160

Provided in person. Let's work together in a welcoming & stimulating environment. All materials included.

Location & Space

Sessions are held at my beautiful arts studio in 1000 Parker Street, East Vancouver. The therapeutic space is a semi-private (4 walls with curtain at the entrance) and filled with a prism of arts materials. Big, bright windows overlook the North Shore mountains. 

Nature-Based Exploratory Sessions

Let's meet at the forest, the beach or a creek and dialogue with the living pulse of the Earth. These Eco-Arts tailored sessions bring us into closer contact with interconnection, presence and gratitude.

Fertility Journey Support

A safe space to sift through feelings of longing, loss, identity and love. No matter where you are in your fertility journey. Holding you, from a place of experience.

I am happy to be accepting new clients! Please reach out through email and I will send you an intake form.

Specific questions or curiosities about how Expressive Arts Therapy works or what to expect? -  I offer a free 15 min Discovery Call.

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