Expressive Arts Therapy is a resource-based therapeutic approach that helps people to become unstuck by bridging mind, body, heart, and spirit through the creative process.

In arts exploration you unlock creative flow by entering into the imaginal. These are our keys to realizing ourselves more truly, discovering our inner resources, and singing aliveness into our being.

During the arts process we actively move away from the problems at hand. When you depart from the restricted place - being entrenched in the mind and meaning making - you can discover a new place of limitless openings to reimagine present difficulties.

Time again I see that when clients have the felt sense of change within the arts, they realize that something can change in their life as well.



Art making is profoundly healing in how it allows you to drop deeply into your present experience, into the 'now moment'. This is where you unlock the juicy stuff of flow, synchronicities and freedom. This is where you manifest change, shift paradigms, and rewrite limiting beliefs


The imaginal is a spacious realm. Like moving into an alternate experience of this world. Away from everyday expectations, restrictions and ego. The imaginal is filled with infinite possibilities.

In it lives images, story, movement, sculpture, sound, metaphor, colour and free-play. And... absolutely any other traditional and non-traditional form. If it is of imagination, it lives there.


The process of creation is most vital to your healing journey rather than the work of art itself. You donโ€™t need to be skilled or have any previous training to come to a session. I encourage clients to meet their process with a beginner's mindset.


๐“ฟ   A space to be welcomed, seen, heard & valued

๐“ฟ   A safe way to process life challenges that may be making you feel stuck/overwhelmed

๐“ฟ   Expand the ways you express emotions

๐“ฟ   Discover & activate your inner strengths

๐“ฟ   Learn to access the creative process more readily

๐“ฟ   Connect to your senses, intuition, & inner wisdom

๐“ฟ   Learn how to thrive in the unknown

๐“ฟ   Develop new perspectives, deepen your awareness, learn tools for new ways of being

๐“ฟ   Unhinge from limiting beliefs

๐“ฟ   Cultivate compassion for yourself & others

๐“ฟ   Re-ignite joy, passion, spontaneity!

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Specific questions about what to expect in a private session? I offer a free 15 min Discover Call to connect 1:1

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